X1 shows both charisma, youthfulness in their 1st pictorial

The first group pictorial set of the group X1 has appeared on the cover of 1st Look magazine.

On September 11, 1st Look published two cover photos and one back cover of the magazine’s vol.182 in collaboration with the group X1 via the official Instagram. According to the photography crew, the eleven X1 members’ charisma has been fully flaunted at the shooting location.

The boys showed their professionalism when carefully considering each pose, each item to the extent that it was hard to believe this was the group’s first experience in taking fashion photos.

In the published pictorial set, the act perfectly expresses both the comfortable casual style and chic black fashion, thereby promoting their contrasting charm and prominent visuals.

During the interview, X1 expressed their appreciation for fans, “We would like to send our sincere thanks to those who love and care about the group. Although it sounds quite cliché, ‘thank you’ are serious words containing the group’s sincere feelings. This is the heart that cannot be described by any other beautiful words. We will make every effort to progress further in order to become a group whom our fans feel proud of. Once again, thank you, One It. We really love you guys.”

The detailed interview of X1 can be found in the 182nd issue of 1st Look magazine.


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