Winner to release breakup song

Winner uploaded a teaser for “Ah Yeah,” the lead song from the new EP “We.”

The four members, dressed in white and different shades of blue, perform cute dance moves accompanied by the high-spirited hook of the upbeat breakup song.

Seungyoon participated in writing and composing three out of four new songs, while Mino and Seunghoon co-wrote lyrics for all four. The EP also has two bonus tracks. 

“We wanted to show a new side of us with different music and style,” said leader Seungyoon on returning with an EP five months after the single “Millions.” 

“The lead song is about breaking up but it is an upbeat song. It is cool and confident, and in a way, could be terrible, but it is a cheerful and bright song,” he said.

The four-year-old band will release the EP on Wednesday. 

Watch the clip at


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