Winner surprised by fans in Seattle

Winner shared moments captured from their US tour thanking fans for a successful concert in Seattle, in their seventh episode of their show on Naver’s V Live.

During the 10-hour flight Seungyoon let the fans watch himself making the most of the time: filling out forms, listening to music, teasing Mino and Seunghoon, eating the flight meal and a bowl of ramen and working on writing a new song before falling off to sleep.

Before the concert the four members literally had a taste of Seattle picking up some fruits from market stalls and drinking coffee at Starbucks’ first branch. 

It was show time on Jan. 15 when they kicked off the tour, their first in North America. Fans even celebrated Seunghoon’s birthday although it was four days before. 

“Seattle rocks!” said the bandmates after the concert. “They were the most impressive … they enjoyed themselves so much watching the performance so enthusiastically,” they said. 

They are having the second performance today in Los Angeles and will move on to Dallas, Chicago, Toronto and New York. 

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