Wanna One keeps the promise to reunite on 2nd anniversary

Management companies of a few members of Wanna One confirmed they will gather on debut anniversary as personal schedule.

On August 7, according to many music representatives, today, some Wanna One members are expected to gather at one place to celebrate their 2-year debut anniversary. Wanna One is a boy group formed from the survival program “Produce 101” (season 2, Mnet). On August 7, 2017, the group officially debuted after publishing their debut album.

Unfortunately, the reunion will not have the participation of all 11 members. Reportedly, leader Yoon Ji Sung enlisted on April 15 and several members possibly won’t be able toattend the reunion due to busy schedules.

On August 7, Park Ji Hoon’s management agency, Maroo Entertainment, shared with Newsen, “As far as we know, Park Ji Hoon will meet the members privately on the occasion of the group’s 2nd debut anniversary today.”

On the same day, Kim Jae Hwan’s management agency, Swing Entertainment, also shared with Newsen, “We do know that Wanna One members intended to meet each other to celebrate their 2nd debut anniversary. But because this is a personal schedule, we don’t know the specific situation.”

Meanwhile, the management agencies of the other members said that they were confirming the schedules.


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