V, Jungkook post RM’s hilarious photos to wish him a happy birthday

V and Jungkook (BTS) released a series of photos on the occasion of RM’s birthday.

On September 12, V posted several photos on the official Twitter of group BTS along with the caption, “Congratulations on our second brother of Kim family #Happy_birthday_to_Joonie”. In the first photo, V and RM are taking a nap while waiting at a filming location. In another photo, RM is posing with a lovely expression. In particular, wearing uniquely-designed sunglasses, RM smiles radiantly while pointing at his dimples.

Jungkook also sent a happy-birthday message to RM, “Before the birthday passes, happy birthday to Namjoon – my first and last role model. #JK #Happy_birthday_to_Namjoon.” Along with that is a photo of “15 years later Namjoon” taken by Jungkook.

RM – the talented leader of BTS – celebrated his 25th birthday with wishes from his members and millions of fans around the globe. Currently, the 7 golden boys of Kpop are enjoying the first long vacation in their careers, experiencing the lives of ordinary young people, before returning to conquer new heights.


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