V (BTS) released self-composed song “Winter Bear” without warning

BTS’s member brought fans a giant surprise.

0:00 on August 10 (KST), V unexpectedly released a new self-composed song titled “Winter Bear” and the MV arranged by himself on Youtube channel of BTS. This is a ballad song with beautiful and simple acoustic base that perfectly suit V. In particular, the song is written and sung in English. With the sweet lullaby melody in harmony with V’s warm voice, “Winter Bear” promises to be the next “hit” after “Scenery”.

Some scenes from V’s MV “Winter Bear”.
Some scenes from V’s MV “Winter Bear”.

Only 30 minutes after posting, the keyword “Winter Bear” climbed to the top of world-wide trends on Twitter. Fans were all excited and moved by the unexpected present from their beloved idol: “Kim Taehyung is a masterpiece. Both the MV and the song are too beautiful”, “The lyrics are simple but touch the very deep of my soul, I’m crying”, “I’m so proud, this is the feeling of being fan of such great person”…

Through the official post on SNS, V revealed he wanted to spoil “Winter Bear” earlier but endured to give fans surprise. He received the inspiration for the song after watch an English movie and wrote it with the help of the leader RM during world tour.

Watch “Winter Bear” MV of V:

January, V created a global fever when launching his self-composed song “Scenery”. Over half a year after its release, “Scenery” has reached over 140 million plays on Soundcloud.

Currently, BTS is enjoying their 2-month break after completing the stadium tour in Japan. In October, the group will continue the journey to conquer the world’s biggest stadiums to King Fahd International Stadium of Saudi Arabia and then close the “Love Yourself: Speak Youself” world tour with 3 encore shows in Seoul.


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