US rendition of Korean drama ‘SKY Castle’ coming

Popular Korean drama “SKY Castle” centers on the educational zeal of upper-class families in Korea.

American TV network NBC will remake the Korean drama “SKY Castle” into a pilot program, reports said Thursday.

The remake is tentatively titled “Tribeca,” named after a wealthy neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

“Tribeca” reportedly has a strong possibility of becoming a series.

Acclaimed producers, including Jessica Queller, who was behind the success of American teen drama “Gossip Girl,” will join in the production.

Yoo Hyun-mi, the writer of the original drama, said earlier Thursday that American entertainment company Warner Bros (WB) has been involved.

“Korea is not the only country grappling with excessive private education,” Yoo said during the 14th Asian TV Drama Conference at a hotel in Incheon. “When I wrote ‘SKY Castle,’ I thought people from other countries could empathize with my drama.”

She said she was curious how the American version would look.

“SKY Castle,” a 20-episode TV series revolving around the educational craze of upper-class families in Korea, wrapped up with a record 23.8 percent viewership in February. It is an unprecedented rating for a cable TV series this year.

“SKY” refers to three most prestigious but competitive Korean colleges ― Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University.


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