U-Know Yunho unveils “true colors” through first solo album

U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) released the first solo album featuring his “true colors” after 16 years of his debut.

At 6 pm (KST) June 12, U-Know Yunho dropped all songs on the mini-album vol.1 “True Colors” via online music sites.

“True Colors” is U-Know Yunho’s first solo album released after his 16-year debut. In order to effectively express emotions of life in various colors, the matching colors in tracks had been naturally harmonized with the styles as well as the melodies and lyrics. Accordingly, the audiences can see the colorful music world of an U-Know Yunho who is different from him in TVXQ.

With a total of 6 songs including the title track “Follow”, the completion of this album was enhanced thanks to the participation of musicians who are popular in and outside of Korea such as “hit-maker” Yoo Young Jin, who gave birth to TVXQ’s hit “MIROTIC”, world-famous producer Thomas Troelsen, LDN Noise – Britain’s top production team, well-known songwriter Andrew Choi, renowned musician-lyricist Hwang Yoo Bin, Lee Seu Ran, etc. In addition, “Asian star” BoA and trending rapper GiriBoy featured in this song and wholeheartedly supported U-Know Yunho’s first solo performance.

The title song “Follow” is a pop-dance track provoking an intense feeling from the intro narration like casting a spell along with the quiet melody in the first half of the song. The groovy and gloomy atmosphere was created by the synthesizer piano sound that brings a “cold feel” with the percussion producing “metal sound” that makes viewers associate with U-Know Yunho’s performing style which is well-controlled as his intention. Following TVXQ’s “MIROTIC”, Yoo Young Jin and Thomas Troelsen have once again collaborated, thereby promoting the synergy resulting from the harmony of U-Know Yunho’s new vocal style and the melody as addictive as a spell.

“Come to me and start right away/ I will give you the irresistible magic/ I will slip into the wind passing by”, “A word uttered absently again/ You couldn’t stop, like being enchanted/ Finally, I will steal you, even though you can’t feel a thing.” U-Know Yunho’s confident ambition was fully expressed in the lyrics with the content that he will conquer the other person’s heart with his fatal charisma.

Moreover, in the MV coming out simultaneously, U-Know Yunho’s powerful image, along with his energetic and perfectly-controlled performance captured viewers’ attention.

So, U-Know Yunho started to take up a new challenge when returning to his original resolution through his first solo album. The public is looking forward to seeing what other colors he will display in the future.

Watch U-Know Yunho’s “Follow” MV here:


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