Twice looks back on favorite moments

Twice had a moment of nostalgia as the band went through a series of behind-the-scene clips from 2018 on V Live with cheering fans. 

Watching at a scene from July last year when the group celebrated 1,000 days since their debut, Twice commented how everyone’s hairstyles were so different. In a video taken several days later to mark their return with “Dance the Night Away,” the bandmates mischievously popped grapes into each other’s mouths before showing off the moves for the new single.

They also thanked fans for 400 million views in September, rewarding them with a makeup session for Dahyun on camera. While seeing themselves gathered for the unveiling of movie “Twiceland” in December — “How was the movie? It was good, wasn’t it?” — Twice asked themselves, “Why are we always eating?” 

“I earned my driver’s license at that time but I couldn’t find the right timing to share the news since we were so busy gushing about the movie, and eating,” said Dahyun laughing. 

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