Top 5 male idols having “sexy brain” in Kpop

From BTS’s leader – RM to “genius face” Cha Eun Woo, there are idols who own not only remarkable appearances and abilities but also “sexy brains”.

▲ RM (BTS)

Once the original member of the entertainment show “Problematic Men” (tvN), RM has an impressive list of achievements by having an IQ of 148, speaking fluently 4 languages of English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean, belonging to the top 1% of national mock university entrance exam, scoring 900 in the TOEIC test by self-study method. Notably, RM also plays a big part in BTS’ worldwide development with his English fluency.

▲ Park Kyung (Block B)

Park Kyung, who is working actively in the show “Problematic Men” – was originally a math genius and was considered to be able to in the top 0,0002%. In 2016, on the advice of the producers of “Problematic Men”, he took the test Mensa (the community of top IQ people) and entered the top 1%, becoming the first Mensa member among active idols. In addition, he speaks fluent English and Japanese.

▲ Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

​ It is known that Kyuhyun grew up studying in Sparta style under the influence of his father who operates a cram school in Seoul. Not only was he the best student of the school but he has also possessed an outstanding school report card when winning a prize in the International Mathematical Olympiad contest. In addition, he captured attention with entering Kyunghee University thanks to his great result in the SAT test.

▲ Aron (Nu’est)

Coming from the top prestigious high school Loyola in California (America), Aron has an “epic” resume as he was in the top 0.5% of America’s aptitude test SAT, and thanks to that, he was accepted to the Department of Journalism of New York University. In addition, when participating in “Problematic Men”, he shocked everyone when saying that he once received the Rookie award in a golf competition in California.

▲ Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

Being famous for the nickname “face genius”, Cha Eun Woo is also a person with “a sexy brain” who cannot be missed. Cha Eun Woo once published his school report card on the show “Problematic Men” and drew everyone’s admiration with the report card listing various achievements when he was attending school such as having experience as a student president, participating in English debate competitions, robot programming, leading the soccer and basketball teams to victories as a captain, etc. In addition, Cha Eun Woo garnered attention when free talking in English with a native American person called Tyler.



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