Top 4 male stars suiting Hanbok best on Chuseok holiday

Male singer Kang Daniel won first place on the rankings of stars pulling off Hanbok on Chuseok holiday.

Kang Daniel was selected as the idol suiting Hanbok the most on the Chuseok holiday with 6,695 votes (53.5%) according to the result of a survey with 12,503 participants conducted by online math education company SevenEdu for primary, middle, and high schools from August 12 to September 9.

Artists ranked after Kang Daniel were Park Bo Gum at 2nd place (5,482 votes, 43.8%), Cha Eun Woo at 3rd place (213 votes, 1.7%), and Jungkook (BTS) at 4th place (72 votes, 0.6%).

Chuseok – the biggest holiday of the Korean people – is just around the corner. “Chuseok” is the word used to call the full moon day of the lunar month of August, which means the middle day of August and the middle month of autumn. This is the most important holiday of the year in Korea, and is also often called by other names such as Gabae, Gabaeil, Gawi, Han Gawi, Jungchu, Jungchujeol, Jungchugajeol, etc.

If analyzing based on Chinese characters, “Chuseok” is an autumn night with the highlight of the moon shining exceptionally overhead, which means “the autumn night with the most beautiful moonlight”.

The origin of the word “Chuseok” is unknown. It can be speculated that the root of “Chuseok” stems from the ancient belief in the moon. At the time, people could see neither the approach of wild beasts nor the enemies’ attack in the dark, so the dark was fear and terror for human. Also, at that time, human felt gratitude and began holding festivals under the full moon. Games such as tug-of-war, wrestling or Ganggang Sullae dance, etc., were formed naturally from that.

Therefore, since the ancient age when people always longedfor the full moon, the Mid-Autumn day with the brightest moon has already been regarded as the biggest festival of the year in Korea.


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