Top 4 K-pop stars famous for being strict with themselves

For idols, self-management is a necessity, not an option.

Suga (BTS)

BTS is expanding their influence all over the world as a squeaky-clean idol. During the recent press conference to introduce the album, the group shared the secret to self-management. Suga confided, “The group has made a promise of self-management. We care for the fans who have been loving the group, the influence that the group has created when performing arts and always wanting to live properly. Compared to setting rules, we talked a lot about how to live as singers. That naturally became a promise among us.”

As an idol group without any scandal, BTS members have the same thoughts as Suga. One of the keys to helping the group which is modestly making effort continuously gain success lies in the thorough self-management.

Taemin (SHINee)

Making his debut at the age of 16, Taemin has turned into the 12th year of activity. Even though he is only 25 years old, the male singer has managed himself thoroughly. Taemin expressed his belief in managing himself, “Delicious foods are not good for the body. I think that the body is the property, the fact that I’m strict to myself is to maintain the state at the best condition to show on stage.”

Strict self-management is a great job because it is not easy. In order to create a good influence, Taemin has also been constantly urging himself.

Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior)

“Universe superstar” Kim Hee Chul with an innate entertainment talent is also well-known as a strict artist in self-management. As a part of the many-member pop group Super Junior, Kim Hee Chul has entered the 15th year of working in the entertainment industry without awareness. Even though the other Super Junior members were caught up in scandals, Kim Hee Chul kept himself away from the whirlwind of these bad things.

As an idol, Kim Hee Chul always thinks of the image in front of the public and thoroughly manages himself. He “kept himself” even in love to the extent that he confided, “I am too strict with myself so my lover asked me to break up many times.”

Soyu (Sistar)

Member Soyu from the disbanded girl group Sistar is a person who is very good at self-management. After stepping into the idol world with her outstanding healthy beauty, until now, Soyu’s body is still beautiful. The female singer owns not only her body but also rich knowledge of beauty.

Soyu revealed that every morning, she would look in the mirror to maintain her slim figure. Soyu shared her secret, “Every morning, I check my body by looking in the mirror. If my muscles don’t show up clearly, I’ll do exercise right away. Initially, I ate and drank freely and exercise for a month. After that, I reduced the amount of food and increased exercise.”


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