Suzy makes the most impressive comeback with “Vagabond”

Absent for 2 years, the “national first love” has comeback in “Vagabond” with the role carrying diverse charm.

In the first episode of Fri-Sat drama “Vagabond” (SBS), which was finally revealed on September 20, intelligence agent Go Hae Ri (Suzy) goes undercover for an investigation. Hae Ri lives a double life when on the outside, she is a contract employee for the Korean Embassy in Morocco but actually, she is sneakily collecting evidence as a secret agent of the National Intelligence Agency. This has brought both interesting and dramatic feel to the drama.

In her first appearance, Suzy’s special look has erased her 2-year hiatus. Suzy covers her face with sunglasses, niqab and is escorted by guards in the middle of a desert, creating an extremely appealing image even though she had no dialogue line. In particular, Suzy’s opposite charm is the thing that stands out. Unlike her pure charm when working as a contract employee, Suzy turns into an agent with cool expression in a blink of an eye when making a secret phone call or when holding a gun, leaving a strong impression on the audience.

Suzy’s eyes, expressions, voice, and actions were naturally infused into character Go Hae Ri. The more we watch more we are amused by the sly look of the character who resolves to infiltrate or mingle to carry out her missions, therefore, the audiences had no choice but to pay attention until the last minute. The character maintained the appearance of a novice as she kept being late for work, making mistakes, at the same time attaching a small camera to a Korean flag to gather evidence. She also escaped from dangerous situations thanks to her clever improvisation by pretending to get angry at a colleague’s sharp question that says, “Why did you go to Portugal?”. Suzy astonished viewers when the smile on her face could vanish right away when nobody was watching and instead, her expression was full of insensibility at that time.

Because Suzy has been recording for a long year, she has totally got into the character. While Suzy is promising to show action scenes where she directly acted with her body, as well as the acting that changes according to the psychology and situation Hae Ri faces, the audience is also expecting the exciting activities she will show as a secret agent of the National Intelligence Agency in countless upcoming plots in the near future.


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