Sulli says she considers age and appearance for future boyfriend

Sulli unexpectedly revealed her ideal type “Today’s Fortune”.

On “Today’s Fortune” (JTBC2) airing on August 14 (Wednesday), Sulli will openly talk about her ideal type. In the previous episode, the show created excitement by disclosing the blind date of “the girl with Sulli’s look” and “the guy with Bodhidharma’s look”. The MCs contacted Sulli to see whether Sulli actually likes a guy with Bodhidharma’s look.

In the recording for the show “Today’s Fortune”, Sulli happily sent greetings to everyone through the phone connection. Next, when Shindong asked, “What do you think about the man with the Bodhidharma look?” Sully surprised everyone with an unexpected answer. In particular, prediction experts, who asserted that Sully would like Bodhidharma’s appearance were in a cold sweat for Sully’s humorous answers.

Additionally, Sulli honestly shared her viewpoints about her dating. Notably, he said, “In the future, perhaps before dating, I have to consider the partner’s appearance and age.” Plus, everyone burst out laughing when she declared on the phone, “I have to attend the group blind date of ‘Today’s Fortune’.”

On the other hand, this broadcast episode will reveal the blind dates of first-time dating people who only learn about love through words. Joining as a guest, Lee Ji Hye will follow the date between the naive couple and give a sharp review of a 21-year veteran TV personality. The program also promises to show Lee Ji Hye’s outstanding speculation ability which even astonished experts.

The audience can watch the genuine revelation of Sulli and the group blind dates of “greenhorns” in love on the show “Today’s Fortune” (JTBC2), which will be on air at 8 pm (KST) August 14.


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