Stray Kids visit leader’s home in Australia

Stray Kids had a full day of fun and bonding visiting Sydney in the second episode of their first reality show, “Found Stray Kids.” 

Bang Chan planned a day trip for his bandmates that started with a visit to Sydney Zoo, as Lee Know had wished for.

Their eyes widened at the sight of a baby kangaroo being fed, and everyone was happy when they got to pet them. “This is my first time seeing a koala,” said Hyunjin at the sight of the cuddly animals. 

The leader and Felix, also raised in Australia, brought the members to their favorite eat-out spots in the Australian city of Strathfield for a snack. The nine bandmates also had a peaceful time at a park where Bang Chan used to hang out before a surprise invitation for dinner at his parents’ house. 

They were moved by the delicious BBQ that had been prepared but more so by their leader, who wanted his bandmates — his new family — to meet his parents in person. “I wanted you to see where I come from,” he said. 

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