Stray Kids talks about first return performance

Stray Kids gave themselves a pat on the back after their first performance of the title song from their new album “Cle 1: Miroh” on stage.

“It is quite unusual to be pleased with the first performance but I really was. My body says so,” said Changbin as other members nodded trying to cool down their sweat with small handheld fans.

Back in their car the boy band thanked their fans for showing up at dawn to support them. 

“It was all thanks to you we could perform so well,” said Felix. 

“You can rap and you can dance. Next time, please add chords,” added Lee Know. 

Stray Kids’ shy member Lee Know has been “randomly” chosen as host a their mini fan meeting, at which others fulfilled missions that ranged from winking to blowing kisses to fans. 

The camera also followed Stray Kids backstage as they prepped, ate snack, napped and played with each other. 

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