Stray Kids talk new EP ‘Cle 1 : MIROH.’

Stray Kids explained the concept of their new mini album, “Cle 1 : MIROH,” to fans in a recent broadcast.

Bang Chan said that while the group’s previous work focused on depicting the nine of them taking on a new challenge, the new work will visualize how they are to survive in the music industry.

“Debuting, broadcasting or performing on stage. It’s all a brand new world to us,” he said.

“We wanted to create a story showing how we survive through all of this and that’s why we came up with ‘Cle 1 : MIROH.’”

Changbin referenced the last scene in the “I am YOU” video where the bandmates gazed at a city far afield. 

“Though we couldn’t find the answers, we showed that we support each other and stay together and we as a group are ambitious and can go anywhere.”

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