Stray Kids – not all work and no play

Stray Kids had one hour of freedom during a recent visit to Busan.

I.N showed the full extent of his appetite at a highway stop on his way to a fan signing session. After having hot soup with rice for lunch, he feasted on hotteok, or pan-fried sweet pancakes, along with roasted rice cakes and an iced Americano. But when Hyunjin showed him a pack of mashed potato cake, he instantly opened his mouth for a bite with a cute “Ahhh.” 

The boys arrived at Gwangalli Beach, one of the best-known seaside spots in the port city. 

“Please make my legs look as long as possible,” Hyunjin asked Seungmin. “My face is so swollen.” The main dancer had skipped lunch and almost slept through the ride.

On the way back to Seoul, Bang Chan showed fans what he had in his bag: a small keyboard, a hardcover version of “The Little Prince,” a USB hub, a customized laptop and a gonggi set — a popular Korean children’s game. 

“Without this I can’t do any work!” he said, holding up the USB hub. Of the gonggi pieces, he said, “I have them with me so I can practice whenever I can. I will one day beat Changbin,” he said, laughing. 

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