Stray Kids hint at teasers for new EP

Stray Kids thanked fans for helping them win a prize at the 2019 Asia Model Awards. 

“Let’s make them dizzy,” said Lee Know, beginning the livestream playfully by turning the selfie camera.

“We had a present from you Stays,” said the band, showing the trophy for the rookie award in the music section of the awards. Stays refer to the group’s fans. 

“This is my second time taking to V Live today, as I did my solo segment earlier. But I look very different, right?” said Bang Chan, laughing as the camera zoomed in for a closer look at his gray eyes and blond hair. 

“It’s been a while we went on a stage in Korea, and how did it feel, everyone? It was good!” said Changbin as the bandmates hooted in harmony. 

After each of the nine members had said hi, they gave fans a hint for their upcoming EP, “Cle 2: Yellow Wood.”

“You must have seen the group teaser image (for the lead song “Side Effect”). At midnight you may have another taste, and will have a dream about us,” said Seungmin. 

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