Stray Kids’ Felix assures fans

Stray Kids’ Felix and I.N, in navy and yellow uniforms, began the eighth episode of the youngest bandmate’s segment on Naver’s V Live by assuring fans that Felix was OK. 

Sporting a bandage on his forehead, Felix apologized for alarming fans. He was a fill-in for Seungmin and “even wearing the suit of Seungmin!”

The two showed off their official rubber bracelets and rings. “We can’t see it that well with all the light now, but the bracelet glows in the dark!” they exclaimed. 

The youngest member shared his enthusiasm with a box of Legos, a birthday present from Felix who found time to get it at an airport from their recent trip to Australia. “This brings back the memory of my childhood. I’ve been a Lego enthusiast as long as I can remember,” said I.N asking Felix to build together, later joined by Hyunjin.

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