Stray Kids’ Chan goes live before album teaser release

Stray Kids’ Chan shared his recent favorite songs via Naver’s V Live despite his hectic schedule as the team gears up for the release of new album.

The leader of the boy band started the tenth episode of his live show with an apology. “Today’s practice ended a little bit late. I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” he said adding “I have to make it short this time but I promise to make up for this next time.”

“I was in such good mood and was singing this song with Changbin and didn’t even notice that Hyunjin was taking a video of us,” said Chan sharing his recent favorite with his fans. “All the members went wow! The drop is just crazy and I really need to hear this again,” he raved about “Face My Fears,” by Utada Hikaru and Skrillex from the soundtrack of game Kingdom Hearts.

The singer tried and pacified fans who may be disappointed for the shortened show vowing to make up and hinting that there will be more for them afterwards before turning up the volume for another recommendation, Post Malone and Swae Lee’s “Sunflower,” from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. 

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