Stray Kids celebrate Woojin’s birthday

Stray Kids gathered to congratulate Woojin on his 23rd birthday via Naver’s V Live.

The four members had to be somewhere and could not be together to sing Happy Birthday for the live segment, but they had a party with chicken.

“Chicken and tteokbokki, it was new but a great combo,” said I.N. 

In response to fans saying they were looking forward to the next episode of the group’s reality show, the bandmates agreed that it would be worth waiting until Thursday. “We had so much fun taping it,” said I.N. 

Changbin added mysteriously, “I have seen a new side of Han.”

Having indulged a fan’s request to do a cute pose, Woojin thanked fans and the members for being there on his birthday and said he would have a great day. 

Watch the full video at


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