Stray Kids becomes sweet jukebo

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan went live for the 12th episode of his show “Chan’s Room.” This time, he invited bandmate Seungmin to the program for the first time.

During an hourlong broadcast at JYP Entertainment’s headquarters, the bandmates became disc jockeys and shared some of their favorite music with fans. 

Seungmin started off with tuning in to Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely.” Bang Chan said Yubin had given him good advice, such as on singing, when he ran into her at the office. He expressed his gratitude to her.

The two also showed their great affection for labelmate Day6, recommending a series of songs from the band. “I Need Somebody” is a soft and fierce song Seungmin loves, saying he listens to the song especially in the evenings. 

Bang Chan recommended the lively, high-energy “Freely.” They also asked fans, referred to as Stay, for the songs by Day6 they wanted to listen to. Following a fan’s request they played “Dance Dance.”

Seungmin also said one of his favorite song is “I Would,” released in 2017. The song reminds him of joining JYP Entertainment because it came out around the same time. 

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