Stray Kids appear in web drama

Hyunjin and I.N of Stray Kids talked to fans after the airing of an episode of “A-Teen 2” in which they had cameoed. 

“Did you enjoy watching it?” they asked, bursting into laughter. “I turned it off as soon as my line began. I couldn’t watch it,” confessed I.N, burying his face in hands. 

“We are both huge fans of the web drama, and when I received the script, I was dumbfounded,” said Hyunjin of the drama that centers on high school seniors. 

“We had more lines than we expected,” they said. “I had to go through them a lot to memorize all,” said Hyunjin. 

I.N recalled the night before shooting, “I was as nervous as I was for our debut.”

“It was so much fun shooting it, though. Everyone was so kind, and the director went through every line with us,” said Hyunjin. 

I.N agreed but said the hardest part was that “I kept looking at the camera! Like I do for music programs.”

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