Stray Kids affirms their own path in new album’s tracklist

Stray Kids has drawn attention as they participated in writing lyrics and composing music for all the songs (including the title song) of this album.

YP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) attracted public expectations when informing that Stray Kids’ new album “Clé 2: Yellow Wood” would come out on June 19.

Then, at 0:00 (KST) June 6, JYP announced two versions of the tracklist of this album on Stray Kids’ official SNS together with the title track and the b-side songs.

Accordingly, the new album will have 3 new songs including the title song “Side Effect” as the 2nd track and “Road Never Walked” (rough translation) as the 1st track. Besides, it also consists of 4 songs released previously under the form of a CD.

In particular, the tracklist photos that have been just published contain suspicious words written in both Korean and English, “I’ve never seen and heard of this place. But I’m sure I won’t regret no matter what this place is. Because we’ve chosen this place and we’ll walk together,” “Even if the road is unknown, we will make it ‘our path’. I am confident in making sure that no one regrets this decision.” These words are written in two languages to help Stray Kids to be able to interact with Stay in Korea as well as around the world, while also arousing fans’ curiosity about the new title song and the concept of the album. Previously, the trailer video released on June 5 that contains the content as if it opens a story quickly attracted viewers.

The title song “Side Effect” carries a message about the result of bravely choosing one’s own path. “Side Effect” is a psychedelic trance song through which the listeners can feel the energy source of Stray Kids. The trio including Bangchan, Changbin, and Han from production team 3Racha of Stray Kids will demonstrate their growing maturity in music as they continue to participate in composing and writing lyrics for “Side Effect”, following the debut song “District 9” and a series of title songs such as “My Pace” on the mini-album vol.2, “I am YOU” on the mini-album vol.3 and “MIROH” on the mini-album vol.4

After debut, Stray Kids has swept loads of rookie awards at the awards ceremonies. As of now, the group has taken home 9 rookie awards.

Along with that, the group sold all tickets for the showcase tour in the US with a total of 4 concerts starting from Newark (May 14, 15) to LA (May 17) and Houston (May 19). In which, the ticket for Newark concert was sold out right after the pre-order was opened, so the group decided to add a more concert.

At these achievements, Billboard (US) praised Stray Kids, “Stray Kids are growing up & finding their way through touring & ‘Clé’ album series. ‘Clé 1: MIROH’ album debuted at No. 3 on the World Album chart.” At the same time, the group has earned the attention of major media outlets in the US and been recognized for their unlimited talents as the “Kpop representative group of the new generation”.


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