Singer-songwriter PERC%NT hopes to talk about himself through ‘PVC’

PERC%NT, 27, says his album “PVC” contains songs telling different stories of love and himself. / Courtesy of Mystic Entertainment.

Producer and singer-songwriter PERC%NT, 27, managed by Mystic Entertainment, released his debut album, “PVC,” Tuesday.

As a beginner, he said he wanted to show listeners his true and genuine self with well-made tracks that will attract more music lovers. 

“I am an introvert. I started music because I really liked it. My artist name Percent came from music,” the singer said with a trembling voice and hands.

“When you look at the sign, there are two dots with a line in between. I though those dots represented me ― one with a quiet and introverted mind and the other passionate self, immersed in music.” 

He was born in Chicago, and lived there until middle school years, which inadvertently led to a language barrier he had to overcome while working with Yoon Jong-shin, his main producer. 

“At first I thought nothing else matters besides music, but my main producer Yoon said it was more important to tell the story inside the music and thus I should know how to deliver,” Percent said. “So I worked hard on my language and story.”

Among many love songs contained on the album is “Music God,” which shows love for himself.

“I used think of myself as a sheep, because I always felt I had to be a good person, and that made me live in a comfort zone. However while producing music, I began to think ‘what if I am not a sheep but a lion?'” he said. “That side of me is also my true self.” 

Although a late debut, he has been producing as an artist since 2015, working with multiple artists including SUMIN and Jeong Dong-hwan from acoustic group Melomance.

He said he hopes to show many layers of himself ― as yet uncovered ― in the future, attracting curiosity from music fans.


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