Sexiest ‘Bubble Pop’ show puts HyunA in spotlight

K-pop singer HyunA displayed her sexiest “Bubble Pop” performance yet, throwing a crowd of university students into a frenzy this week.

Long known for her sex appeal on stage and screen, the former 4MINUTE member ― wearing a short skirt and a loose, deep-cut and sleeveless garment ― performed at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies’ Global Campus in Yongin, Tuesday. 

The crowd, only a few meters from their idol, captured her every move with their mobile devices. 

HyunA seemed at ease, enjoying the audience’s attention while singing and dancing to her 2011 hit. 

At one stage she took a smartphone from a fan in the front row and posed as if taking a selfie or filming herself. 

Her most daring impromptu stunt came when she received a mock-up of a flower from another fan and pinned it near her bosom. She continued her performance with the flower dangling and the stem sticking out below her top.

Near the end, she removed the flower and placed it on her left ear as she shimmied. “Whose flower was this?” she asked and gave it back via a security guard.

HyunA dates singer E’Dawn. They terminated a contract with Cube Entertainment in October 2018 and joined P NATION in January, the label run by “Gangnam Style” star PSY.

HyunA, right, and E’Dawn from HyunA’s Instagram


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