Seventeen thanks fans in post-concert livestream

Boy band Seventeen sounded upbeat in a livestream backstage after finishing the final day of its Japanese tour.

The group clapped and exchanged congratulations for having completed the tour, which saw tens of thousands of people coming to see the group live at 12 concerts in five cities in Japan, from Fukuoka to Osaka.

“We are just appreciative of the fact that no one was hurt during the tour. I think we received so much warm energy like ‘Haru,’ the spring, from fans,” the group said.

The band also said, “While doing the Haru tour, we genuinely felt so thankful that we were singers. It’s not easy to go on stage for a month, so I’m happy to do so and meet fans.”

Fans thanked the group in return for its hard work, showering the group in the comments with “I love you,” and “Well done.”
However, the bandmates didn’t seem perfectly satisfied with their latest tour, saying they wanted to do better at their next concert and fan meeting event. 

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