SEVENTEEN sets off on World Tour

SEVENTEEN, a 13-member K-pop boy band, poses at its final Seoul performance, Sunday, before leaving the country on its second world tour, “Ode To You.”

K-pop boy band SEVENTEEN marked the beginning of its world tour named “Ode To You” with three shows in Seoul over the weekend. This is the 13-member group’s second world tour, following “Diamond Edge” two years ago.

Over 40,000 people attended the three Seoul performances held in the Olympic Park KSPO Dome. 

“We named the concert Ode To You because we wanted to show and sing all the things we wanted to say to you guys,” Min-gyu, a member of SEVENTEEN, said during the opening of the concert. 

The start of the show instantly grabbed attention, as one member suddenly appeared in the middle of the stage following a video intro. Pieces of white cloth fell from the ceiling as other members of the group followed him on stage. Then multiple blue beams filled the hall as they started to sing the opening number, “Getting Closer.” 

The structure of the performance and setlist was interesting as the members were divided into three groups, each specializing in hip-hop, vocals and performance. 

For example, for the hip-hop performance, four members came out to sing “TRAUMA,” a masculine song with restrained choreography. For the following song, they sang “Chili” a bright song which instantly changed the mood. 

The performance segment focused more on the choreography rather than singing. There was a mysterious atmosphere on the stage as long white pieces of fabric came down from the ceiling. Again, four members ― Jun, Hoshi, The8 and Dino ― appeared wearing white traditional Korean clothes, and danced to the song “13th Month’s Dance.” 

Unique and dramatic visuals and stage works were another visually pleasing feature. For most of the show, the stage was decorated like a musical, and “Crazy in Love,” one of the songs included in the group’s fourth mini-album, was presented in a film-like stage. 

The members of SEVENTEEN dance and sing inside the floating construction with cells at the “Ode To You” concert in Seoul, Sunday.

For other performances, they used a floating construction where each member dances in his own cell. They appeared in silhouette, then performed individually inside the cells. The members slowly came down from the construction and completed the rest of the song. 

The members showed tears when “CARAT,” the official fandom of SEVENTEEN, chanted along to “Smile Flower.” They were caught on camera while they were flying around with the aid of wires. 

“We actually talk about this song a lot because this song weirdly makes people forget all their troubles,” Won-woo said. “Now I know why the members cry sometimes when they listen to the song.”

Toward the end of the concert, they performed “HIT” which will be the title song of their latest album to be released Sept. 16. It was said that the album will show a dramatic change in the concept of the group. 


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