Seventeen hints at the new album ‘An Ode’ with 13-song tracklist

Group Seventeen announced the full tracklist of the full album vol.3.

On the morning of September 9, management company Pledis Entertainment revealed the tracklist of the full album vol.3 “An Ode” and the title track’s name “Fear” via the official SNS, raising the public’s expectations for the group’s comeback in one week.

The tracklist image is capturing attention by giving off more impressive feels with 5 photos representing 5 versions of the full album vol.3 which are laid randomly on a monotone background.

In particular, the title song ”Fear” on this full album falls into the R&B genre, featuring a harmonious combination between heavy bass and members’ voices. The song is also filled with the group’s sincerity as its music was composed by Woozi while the lyrics were written by the three members Woozi, Vernon, and S.Coups. Thereby, Seventeen is arousing public curiosity about the group’s story they will present in the comeback song ”Fear”.

Besides, the album consists of diverse b-side tracks, from “HIT” – which was out on August 5, to “Lie Again”, “Let me hear you say”, “Lucky”, “Snap Shoot”, “Happy Ending” – the remake of the title track in their first Japanese single, etc.

Seventeen has confirmed the release of their full album vol.3 ”An Ode” on September 16 and is about to return after 1 year and 10 months.


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