Rookie BTS and top 8 historic moments on TV picked by SBS

Top stars would have also experienced their rookie period and BTS – the global idol dominating Billboard – is no exception.

The special program on the occasion of Chuseok holiday named “BTS Entertainment History” (SBS), which aired on September 10, revealed the programs BTS had participated in the past.

The show of that day started with an unpublished interview video of BTS when the group had just debuted for 5 days. In the video, during the rehearsal, BTS wore shirts with their names printed on it instead of ones attached with A4 papers. When the production team asked how long would they wearthe shirts, RM aired his aspiration when saying, “We will wear it until the group quickly becomes famous and the members’ names get known even if there are no name tags.” Besides, Jimin also caught all eyes with the dance highlight showing off his abdominal muscles.

Next, they announced the Top 8 scenes in BTS’ variety shows. 8th place belonged to V’s dance performance of “I NEED U” with high heels when he participated in “Star King” in January 2016. The male idol surprised everyone as he performed the choreography so perfectly that they could not believe that he was wearing high heels.

Next, the show focused on Jin’s diving ability when he appeared in the program “Law of the Jungle” in 2017. BTS members conducted a simple interview before Jin went to the jungle. Jimin said, “I heard that our eldest brother went to the forest. I’m worried and wonder whether he will do well. He can’t stand being hungry.” Suga revealed, “Jin must be the top among the stars who easily starve.”

The two artists who went to the forest with Jin, Solbi and Sleepy, shared a story that was not told at the time. Solbi said, “Jin is extremely radiant, his socializing skill is also good. There was once that he showed signs of exhaustion because he had to swim in the water for too long. At that time, I took care of Jin lying and took water for him. But when I asked, ‘Has anyone ever taken care of the sick?’, Jin said, ”Don’t consider me a sick person.’ I remember it well.”

The scenes of Jungkook imitating Zion.T’s voice and V imitating Baek Yoon Sik’s voice were also chosen as famous scenes. Zion.T saw the imitation part of Jungkook and commented, “It seemed that he sang ‘sexy driver’. The rumor that I was unfilial appeared because he mistakenly sang ‘ignore father’. First, I heard the words ‘sexy driver’. Suddenly, he uttered “oh” and stopped singing. I was really curious about that point. It was also quite interesting. Thank you for listening to my song.”

In particular, the program also showed V’s mimicking scene which has not been unveiled before. V mimicked actor Baek Yoon Sik’s line in the drama “Inside Men”, “Have you seen such a fox-like bear?”, but because he forgot the line, he had to take out a “cheat sheet”. The youthful rookie look of the male idol has brought laughter to the viewers.

In addition, the program revealed Jin’s uncle jokes, BTS’s mukbang, etc. Besides, the show also broadcasted the scene of Suga – who completely trusted president Bang Si Hyuk’s statement before their debut about not having to dance much – revealing president Bang Si Hyuk’s lie and the scene where J-Hope was embarrassed when the artists participating in “Star King” didn’t know he was a member of BTS.

The anticipated first spot of all BTS’ popular scenes is the group’s appearance with a full lineup on “Running Man”. The cast of “Running Man” spent time recalling the special episode filmed with BTS. Kim Jong Kook provoked laughter as he was like a cat on hot bricks while watching the image of him overpowering BTS boys at that time and saying, “Why did you use CG to put fire on me like that?”. Hearing that, Yoo Jae Suk added, “Afterward, they returned home without daring to say a word.”

However, Kim Jong Kook did not give up and said in a witty manner, “I think my act of accidentally revealing Jungkook’s muscles somewhat affected the fact that BTS won No.1 at the time.”


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