RM spoils BTS’s collaboration with global artist Khalid

Sharing on iHeartRadio program, BTS’s leader hoped that the fans would stay tuned for the collaboration.

On the morning of the May 10, BTS has had a chance to communicate and interact with fans, sharing about their future plan through America’s iHeartRadio. Here, BTS’s leader RM surprised all when he spoiled that the group would collaborate with the famous artist Khalid in the future.

When the MC asked BTS that what were some future collabs that BTS would like to do, RM answered immediately: “Actually, I have to mention Khalid – our friend. It’s really happening, so please stay tuned for our Khalid’s collaboration”.

The spoiler soon made the entire A.R.M.Y (BTS’s fandom) surprised and shocked. Even though borned in 1998 but Khalid has had create his own stance in the music world and is the rising star in the last few years. His first single “Location” in the album “American Teen” released in 2019 was placed at No.16 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart, No.4 on Billboard Hot 200 Album. Khalid’s recent outstanding achievement was dethroning Ariana Grande to become the artist with the most monthly listeners on Spotify – over 50.043.332 people. Therefore, the collaboration between BTS and Khalid is highly expected more than ever.

On May 6, Khalid went to watch BTS’s “SPEAK YOURSELF” tour concert at the Rose Bowl Stadium. The male singer also posted pictures taking with BTS on his personal Instagram.


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