Photographer chooses BTS’s Jimin as best-looking idol

The “color genius” Mugunghwa Sonyeo participated in taking “Love Yourself” teaser poster for BTS.

On May 12, Mugunghwa Sonyeo joined and shared behind-the-scenes stories of her collaboration with idols in the Sunday corner “Makers” of the program “Idol Radio” (MBC Standard FM).

Mugunghwa Sonyeo participated in taking “Love Yourself” teaser poster for BTS. She chose member Jimin as the most handsome among those she has ever taken pictures for. She also expressed her gratitude, “It rained and the shooting scene was scorching. I won’t forget the image of Jimin covering me with an umbrella on that heavily rainy day.”

In addition, she chose V (BTS) and Peniel (BTOB) as the best idol photographers. She said, “The album cover taken by V is great as it still gives off a carefree vibe even though the weather is not good. Meanwhile, the landscape images taken by Peniel (BTOB) are beautiful as well.”

The photographer mentioned Shinhwa’s photo shoot which she directly came up with ideas of a concept to capture various images of idols.

Mugunghwa Sonyeo added more, “When taking photos for the 20th debut anniversary of Shinhwa, because they wanted to try out a different image from before, I suggested a plan to show photos according to the teenage concept. Due to his interest in the camera, Kim Dongwan asked me, ‘What kind of camera is this?’ and even tried to take a picture himself. I was very thankful that it seemed like he was trying to help me relax.”

Mugunghwa Sonyeo chose images of Gain’s album “Carnival”, Baek Yerin’s album “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault” and Loona’s album “Butterfly” as her three favorite works among ones she had conducted.

Photographer Mugunghwa Sonyeo is known as the “color genius” with fairytale-like pictures. There are many idols who worked with her like Shinhwa, Jimin and Jungkook (BTS), GOT7, Gain, Baek Yerin, Oh My Girl, Loona, Dreamcatcher, etc.


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