(PHOTO) Top 5 idols look stunning with purple hair

From Jimin (BTS) to Dahyun (Twice), there are idols that can cause heart-attack because of shockingly beautiful visuals in purple hair color.

Jimin (BTS)

Is there any color that doesn’t suit Jimin? Although the male singer match with all kinds of hair colors, it seems that purple is the color that accentuates the guy’s dreamy beauty, Hopefully, we can once again see Jimin’s purple hair.

Dahyun (Twice)

Dahyun’s violet hairstyle itself is already intense. Her tip-top visual during the promotion of ”YES or YES” is still a buzzworthy topic until today. Dahyun’s violet hair features a magnificent gradient and beautifully wavy hair locks from the hairline to the top, perfectly matching her radiant smile.

Jang Won Young (IZone)

Recently, Jang Won Young captured attention with the violet hair. Jang Won Young – who has become the “national center” through the survival show “Produce 48” of Mnet – appeared with the violet hair in the promotion of the title track “Violeta”, and added more maturity to her signature childlike beauty.

Lee Daehwi (AB6IX)

We also can’t leave out Lee Daehwi – the former Wanna One member and a current member of AB6IX. It’s maybe because he always exudes unique youthful aura, his purple-dyed hair has doubled Lee Daehwi’s youthful charm. What certain is that no hair color can create difficulties for the male singer.

Taemin (SHINee)

Finally, it is “the last boss” Taemin. The male singer made viewers have to exclaim that it turns out that men can be so charming. Although he normally shines, his beauty becomes more radiant on stage when combining with purple-dyed hair, bringing an aura like a fairy.


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