(PHOTO) Things BTS do in vacation: fishing, cuddling puppy, enjoying arts

Despite having been going on the first long vacation since their debut, BTS does not forget to update fans on their recent state.

On August 21, Jin (BTS) posted on the official Twitter a photo of him and Suga fishing on a boat. In the photo, Jin flaunts his warm visual while posing with a net full of fishes in his hand. RM also shared various photos of him visiting a museum along with the caption, “I’m doing things like this.” Through the photos, it can be seen that the leader is comfortably enjoying his vacation in casual outfits.

Jimin has still shown his passionate love for music in spite of his vacation by uploading a photo certifying his attendance at Alec Benjamin’s first concert in Korea.

Suga also disclosed that he was relaxing by posting a selfie of him lying in bed with his puppy. Meanwhile, Jungkook and V aroused fans’ curiosity because they have yet to share anything during this long break.

On August 12, Big Hit Entertainment, the management agency of BTS, made an official announcement,” BTS will take their first official long-term vacation. This vacation will be an opportunity for BTS’ members, who have relentlessly driven themselves towards their goals since their debut, to recharge their batteries. During this period, the members will enjoy the break in their own ways.”


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