(PHOTO) Special fashion collection of BTS’s Jin

The BTS members call Jin “fashion’s final boss” for his outfit preparation.

At the “2019 Billboard Music Awards”, BTS not only won the Top Social Artist award for 3 consecutive years but was also named as the winner in the Top Duo/Group category, thereby bringing home two awards. Although they’ve already been a group that can shake the whole world, they still didn’t forget to leave the message that the group will keep on making more efforts. Among the group’s members, Jin is the eldest who conquers ARMYs’ hearts by his handsome look and stage manner. Jin – who shows great demeanor in both South Korea and overseas – is the eldest but also adorable like the youngest, hence he was nicknamed “fake maknae”. Jin’s cuteness also emanates from his fashion style. The male singer is known to often create accents for his outfits such as wearing a pink hoodie or carrying a doll when exiting the country. Thanks to the different, subtle fashion style, his daily look always becomes a hot topic. The members also call Jin “fashion’s final boss” for his outfit preparation.

Departure at the airport on September 3, 2018. Jin wore a cute pink hoodie, which reminds people of a rabbit. His lovely expression that day added to the value of his airport style. He put on slippers and perfected the casual fashion style which is both delicate and comfortable, suitable for the moment of the change of seasons.

At the “Melon Music Awards” on December 2, 2018. He perfectly donned an outfit from brand G. However, that was not enough. Jin completed his awards ceremony costume without any shortcomings upon using a tie as the highlight. In fact, what made Jin’s fashion style is himself, but thanks to the unique fashion sense, the male singer has always earned high praise.

At the “Golden Disc Awards” on January 7, 2019. It is good to combine various colors in fashion but nothing can beat the greatness of black hair and an all-black outfit. This is another look of Jin when he showed off a neat and dashing image!

Departure at the airport on April 3, 2019. Jin showed a comfortable airport fashion, yet he did not lose its sophistication. A denim jacket and torn jeans, and a shoulder-spanned bag are all bold items. The final thing is a cute doll in his hands. Today, ARMY will be breathless!

Departure at the airport on April 10, 2019. Jin mixed his outfit in the matching tone with a cardigan and a bag of the same gray color. With black jeans, the male singer enhanced his neat look. When Jin’s hair color was bright, all the items he put on had achromatic colors, well suiting the addition and subtraction of fashion.

At the press conference on April 17, 2019. Was Jin wearing a suit? If you say twice, it will be redundant. Jin’s style that day was perfect from head to toe. The fact that he wore a black suit with a patterned shirt deserved to receive 300/100 points.


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