(PHOTO) K-pop idols’ fashionable and convenient sunglasses

From Jimin (BTS) to Hyelin (EXID), sunglasses are an indispensable fashion accessory for idols.

May is the time witnessing various dynamic outdoor activities and true festivals. On hot days like this, the item that many can’t live without is a pair of sunglasses – a fashion accessory with double uses, being the protection for one’s eyes as well as a part of their fashion style. Notably, this fashion item that stars usually use is much in demand. The article below has collected the fashionable sunglasses of many stars that are stimulating the public’s demand.

The pair of wine brown sunglasses are extremely suitable for him, this is Jimin (BTS)’s pick.

The epitome of black sunglasses – RM (BTS).

Only Henry can wear the pink-tinted sunglasses that seemingly fit no one.

The standard of idol’s style is the yellow-tinted sunglasses of BamBam (GOT7).

If you want a chic urban outfit, try following Sunmi’s choice.

Heechul (Super Junior) – the king of Hallyu idols – dressed in a fancy outfit.

The world’s most special sunglasses of Hyerin (EXID) make everyone want to own.

The trendy style that everyone knows of Song Mino (Winner), with naughty charisma.

Simple is the best, extremely cool and sexy, that is Leo’s (VIXX) pick.

As long as it is the fans’ present, even the heart-shaped sunglasses look good on Im Si Wan.


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