(PHOTO) Iconic fashion style of BTS’s leader – RM

Possessing outstanding talent, irresistible attractiveness and unique fashion style, the leader of BTS is indeed a “10 out of 10” guy.

RM has a perfect body proportion with the height of 181cm (5’9″). Just by standing on the stage, he is already alluring. In addition, thanks to his undisputable rapping capability, RM is also a guy possessing an appeal that one couldn’t help but fall for him immediately at the moment of listening to his voice. With the slogan “Live sexily”, RM even exudes sexiness from his intelligence and shows his enlightened wisdom everywhere, such as in the program “Problematic Man” (tvN).

Having clear thoughts and opinion, as well as having the ability to do everything, RM displays the image of an experienced leader, holding the center role in BTS. This has been shown through the image of him taking care of his fellow members, his brilliant words in interviews and acceptance speeches at award ceremonies, to the way he diligently practices dancing to have synchronized choreography with the group despite his rapper role.

It can be said that BTS was able to develop and become such a great group right now is partly thanks to the role of leader RM. In addition, he is the only member of BTS who has a height of over 180cm. At the same time, he also often becomes a hot topic for his sophisticated casual fashion demonstrated through each outfit. So let’s contemplate RM’s impressive outfits that are worth learning from through the collection below.

★ At the press conference on the occasion of the release of the album “WINGS” on October 10, 2016. This is the outfit that made viewers think that if the toy soldier in the fairy tale really existed, he would probably look like this. RM’s lovely suit together with his V-shaped hand gesture and the smile created a perfect fashion style.

Departure on May 19, 2017. When the clothes need to be simplified under the hot weather, the mix-and-match way will be more and more difficult. However, even in that period, RM did not lose his fashion sense. The male singer was dressed in a striped shirt whose sleeves were rolled up indifferently. Although RM brought a bright, neat look, he still maintained the comfort thanks to his slippers. Besides, RM chose sunglasses that fitted with his face.

Departure on September 3, 2018. This guy undoubtedly deserves his reputation as frontman RM when perfectly matching the “all-jean” style. However, his airport fashion taste didn’t stop there. Combining with mule sneakers, RM created an outfit of his own that makes everyone have to praise. Besides, the simple white T-shirt contributed to displaying the lovely charm of the male idol.

“MAMA” on December 14, 2018. RM normally wears the outfits that clearly show his personality but when he appeared on the stage, RM chose an all-black suit. The suit showed off the male idol’s shape and also matched his neat brush-up hairstyle. The fashion style on stage of the perfect guy RM has made ARMY can’t help but flutter.

★ The “Golden Disc Awards” on January 6, 2019. In the winter when everyone wears the same padding, people will look back if a guy in a long coat passes by. Above all, it’s needless to say if he is RM. Today, all eyes are placed on this cool-all-the-way guy!

★ Departing on January 18, 2019. RM dressed in a lovely red Duffel coat and a pair of shoes of the same color combined with beige pants, giving a harmonious whole. This is an airport costume that brings a sense of consistency in fashion. In addition to bringing comfort, it also makes him look lovely. Just by looking at RM’s airport fashion collection, you will know the current fashion trends. It’s indeed fashionista RM!


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