(PHOTO) BTS wraps up “FESTA 2019” with a series of couple photos

Group BTS completed “2019 BTS FESTA” marking the 6th anniversary of debut with fans.

On June 13, the images of ”2019 BTS FESTA” were posted on BTS’s official Twitter and Facebook.

BTS announced the end of the festival to ARMY by posting many nice photos of the members and the hashtags: #BTS_one_of_a_kind #Festa_accompany_everyday #2019BTSFESTA_end #see_you_next_year.

Prior to June 13 – their debut date – BTS held a FESTA to have fun with fans by unveiling the content directly created by group’s members from the beginning of June every year. This year, since June 3, BTS has received an enthusiastic response from ARMY when revealing various contents such as family portrait collection, dance videos, self-recorded video of the song ”Anpanman”, BTS News, profile, Bangtan Attic, etc.

BTS – which has just celebrated 6 years of debut, will hold the global fan meeting titled “BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP]” at Asiad Auxiliary Stadium, Busan on June 15, 16 and at Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul on June 22 and 23.


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