(PHOTO) BTS thanks ARMYs whenever winning trophy

BTS ended 2 short promotional weeks after the comeback with new album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA”.

BTS has made their comeback with the new album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” released on April 12. Immediately after dropping the album, the group asserted their status when obtaining a series of unparalleled achievements both in Korea and overseas. The boys are gradually setting new records such as being the first Korean singers to top the UK Official Albums Chart Top 100, three times winning No. 1 on the US’s Billboard 200 Chart, etc.

BTS’s No.1 path is also being continued on music programs in Korea. Whenever the group won a victory, the members showed off photos taken with their trophy on their SNS, at the same time expressing their gratitude and affection toward ARMY. We have collected the photos taken with the winning trophy that BTS announced in this promotion.

“Thank ARMY!!!”

“ARMY, thank you for helping us to receive such a big prize like this although it is the first week of promotion #Our_ARMY_have_gained_award”

“This is a selfie we haven’t posted yesterday. Thank everyone”

“Thank you, ARMY!! Love you guys!!”

“We won up to 4 awards thanks to you!! Thank you, ARMY!!”

“Thank you for the No.1 place!! Someone took the trophy…”

“ARMY, first place for 2 consecutive weeks! Thank you!”

“Thanks to you, we have had a really happy promoting time. Sincerely thank you, ARMY, for having always been giving us happiness”


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