PERC%NT is MYSTIC Entertainment’s latest artist to debut

Singer-songwriter PERC%NT will release the new song “Superhero” March 26 before he releases his official first album. Photo from MYSTIC Entertainment’s Facebook account

Singer-songwriter PERC%NT will release “Superhero,” an updated version of his original song, March 26 prior to releasing his official debut album, according to MYSTIC Entertainment.

PERC%NT has so far been known as a songwriter. His songs have been released on MYSTIC’s YouTube music platform “LISTEN” since 2017. 

He also appeared on MBC survival music show for songwriters “The God of Creation: Birth of the Composer,” toward the end of last year. He teamed up with numerous famous artists including MYSTIC Entertainment founder Yoon Jong-shin.

The release of his album is expected in the first half of this year.


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