Pentagon wraps up “Genie:us”

Pentagon thanked fans for their great support on Naver’s V Live in a discussion about the band’s eighth EP, “Genie:us.” 

“I had to say thank you and sorry to all the members,” said Kino, who had been out of the public eye as the result of an injury.

“Sorry that everyone had to work on new choreography, modified for eight (instead of nine), so suddenly and grateful for filling up my spot so well,” he said after some hesitation. “For the first time, I got to see Pentagon from afar, and you were so great. Thank you, really,” said the performer. 

“I was so happy going on stage for this album. Our fans are like friends to me, and I had so much fun playing with you,” said Shinwon. 

The group reminded fans that a concert was coming up on the weekend and the musicians were working hard to prepare for it. 

“We will keep on logging on to V Live as well,” said Hui. 

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