Park Bo Gum in talks to play Suzy’s boyfriend in “Wonderland”

Park Bo Gum (26 years old) and Suzy (25 years old) are expected to collaborate on the big screen and open an encounter of young stars filled with the “first-love atmosphere”.

According to many representatives of the movie industry, Park Bo Gum has recently received the script of “Wonderland” and is carefully considering his participation.

Because Park Bo Gum is currently in the midst of filming the final part of the movie “Seobok” (director Lee Yong Joo), he has not clearly decided on his participation in a new work yet. However, just the information that Park Bo Gum is discussing his appearance in a major work noticed by the Korean movie industry is enough to receive the public’s passionate interest.

Particularly, Park Bo Gum was offered the role of the boyfriend of Suzy – the first star to confirm her participation in the movie. If the actor decided to join “Wonderland”, he and Suzy will become a couple in the film.

“Wonderland” will mark the first collaboration between Park Bo Gum and Suzy. However, the two actors used to show their special chemistry when they both took charge of the MC positions for the “Baeksang Arts Awards” for 2 consecutive years. Therefore, the two’s continuing relationship on the big screen this time is drawing a lot of interest from people in the industry.

“Wonderland” also confirmed the participation of Tang Wei following Suzy and Choi Woo Sik. If Park Bo Gum is added, this will be the expected work with the top cast.

Most of the representatives showed reactions like, “This is a comeback work for which director Kim Tae Yong has held high expectations. It is reported that the movie will have a novel plot and characters. Some actors have been targeted for this movie, but quite a few actors want to join the work as well. Thus, perhaps the casting of the remaining roles will go smoothly.”

“Wonderland” is a feature-length commercial movie which was long prepared by director Kim Tae Yong. After “Late Autumn” premiered in 2011 starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei, director Kim Tae Yong continued to have more activities through short and medium movies like “You Are More Than Beautiful” (2012), “Picnic” (2013), “Kokdu: A Story Of Guardian Angels” (2018), etc. Accordingly, this is his new feature-length commercial movie after 8 years. Particularly, because it is his first new work released after he married Tang Wei in 2014, the comeback of director Kim Tae Yong alone is enough to become a hot topic.

Being classified as a drama film, “Wonderland” creates stories of various characters but not in the form of an omnibus film. The outlines of the production plan and characters have been completed to some extent and the final scenario’s manuscript is about to be finished. It is expected that the drama will start shooting after the casting and pre-production are carefully completed.


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