NU’EST thanks fans for making dreams come true

NU’EST thanked fans for helping the band win the top honors on a recent music program — a first since its debut eight years ago. 

The five-piece act nabbed the trophy with the newly released “BET BET,” the lead track from its sixth EP, “Happily Ever After.”

“When our name was called, I was too overwhelmed with emotion to shed a tear,” said Ren. 

Hyunmin echoed that sentiment and acknowledged that his mind had gone blank. 

“All I could do was smile,” added JR. 

“Also, our music video has logged 10 million views as of today (May 8),” said Aron. 

“We should give back more to you but it feels like we are only receiving so much,” said Hyunmin. 

“There have been so many great things happening since we came back … the things that we have only dreamed about are coming true, all thanks to you. And it’s been only two weeks,” said Ren and Baekho.

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