NCT’s Jaehyun asks fans about CBS appearance

Jaehyun of NCT said good morning to his fans from a hotel rooftop in Los Angeles.

“I am here finally! There are so many things to tell you but I will have to keep it short,” he said longingly looking at the pool saying, “I only enjoyed it with my eyes.” 

“They had Korean food for breakfast but I decided to pass and brought up a platter of fruits so that I can talk to you,” said the performer eating some and reassuring that he also likes fruits as they are good. 

The fruits reminded him to ask fans if anyone has seen them play Flinch, a signature fruit-slinging game on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

“I thought I wouldn’t, but I did flinch. It was short but fun,” Jaehyun said.

NCT127 also unveiled their full choreography for “Superhuman” which will be officially released on May 24. “We have been making changes up until last week. After the first performance onstage, it always feels like it could have been better but I was proud of the band,” he said.

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