NCT takes riverside walk with fans

NCT 127’s nine members took a short break from their hectic schedule in New York and took their fans along on a real-time walk via Naver’s V Live. 

“Are you ready to be surprised?” asked the boy band during the walk along the Hudson River. “It feels as if we are taking a stroll together (with fans),” said Doyoung, holding the selfie cam.

Taeyong took over the camera so that fans could enjoy the view of a police officer on horseback and a beautiful sky dotted with clouds. The bandmates moved along, singing “City 127,” and Haechan gave a sweeping 360-degree view of the riverside. “This is the first time we went live on the V app out on the street,” said Taeyong. 

NCT127 will kick off its North American tour April 24, and will travel to 11 cities in the US, Canada and Mexico. The band has also appeared on the ABC morning show “Good Morning America,” surprising fans by unexpectedly unveiling the new single “Superhuman.” 

Watch the full clip at


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