NCT quintet goes live

The five bandmates that make up NCT Dream went live Monday, keeping fans up to speed while trying not to expose too many details from their recent visit to Indonesia.

Haechan and Mark joined by calling Renjun on his Apple Watch, a gift from Chenle, joking that they had to call “since we were watching you guys go live on the V app and it was so boring.”

They went on to thank fans for their music video logging 10 million views. NCT 127, another subunit of NCT, was featured on “Let’s Shut Up and Dance,” the first track and video of a four-part global tribute to Michael Jackson.

The bandmates also teased Jeno after Chenle revealed that Jeno spends so much time playing games that he was planning to give him a headset for his upcoming birthday. 

Watch the full clip at


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