NCT Dream may dress up for Halloween

NCT Dream chatted with fans to repay the 10 million hearts they had given the group.

“We have been to the World Knowledge Forum,” the bandmates said. They performed “We Go Up,” “Stronger” and “Boom” at the event, one of the largest business forums in Asia.

“I was worried that he might forget his lines but he delivered it so smoothly,” said Jisung, complimenting Jeno’s short speech at the forum.

The bandmates could not stop making silly jokes and poking fun at one another, including Haechan, who could not join the others.

According to Jaemin, it took Jisung over 10 minutes to begin to share how he came to take a picture of Jeno suffering a toe injury.

Fans later asked the group to suggest Halloween costumes, triggering another topic of conversation.

Jaemin came up with the idea of dressing up as the light stick used to show support for the band. Wear a pair of white skinny jeans, proposed Renjun, and paint your face neon, added Jisung.

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