NCT 127 wraps up 1st Japan tour

NCT 127 thanked fans for their enthusiastic response after their final performance of the group’s first Japan tour, titled “Neo City: Japan — The Origin.” 

“We have learned a new (Japanese) expression: koukainaiyouni,” which roughly translates into “so as not to regret,” said Johnny, adding he personally thinks they did their best.

“I was so moved again from seeing our passionate fans. All of us are,” said Jaehyun. 

“My voice has gone hoarse from the concert, but I want it to be hoarser,” said Taeil working up the group to sing to the fans on V Live. 

The nine-member unit of NCT has hit seven cities, performing 14 times in front of a total of 74,000 concertgoers in Japan since February. The final performance held at Saitama Super Arena on Sunday lasted 2 1/2 hours, showcasing 28 songs, and was broadcast live through local streaming platform Abema TV. 

Watch the full clip at


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