NCT 127 says hi from Miami

NCT 127’s seven members showed off their team spirit by getting together in white T-shirts for a segment on Naver’s V Live. Many even wore the same brand, but that was just a coincidence, said Johnny.

“The weather is so nice, so we wanted to livestream from the balcony, but the Wi-Fi was not strong enough,” explained Johnny. While the members suddenly had a heated discussion about who had beaten who in games they had played, Chenle came up to the camera worried about the unstable internet connection.

“Please show us what great idea you have,” said the members, to which Chenle said, “I was just going to say bye (to the fans) in case the connection is suddenly lost. It’s rude not to bid a proper bye.” This sent everyone into a fit of laughter. 

The subunit of NCT is performing in 10 North American cities. Miami is the third stop on the tour. 

Watch the clip at


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